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How to Submit Your Resume Online



Submitting your resume online is quick and easy and is done in three different ways depending on the agency with whom you are submitting. Those who offer all three ways allow you to submit using their wizard that works you through the task. Alternatively, you can submit an MS Word DOC file or an Adobe PDF file, or submit into a template by cutting and pasting.


Tips for Preparation

Recruitment firms and employer clients search databases of thousands or tens of thousands of resumes. To reduce the number of responses returned, they filter using keyword knowledge, skills and attributes (KSAs) and personal information eg, age or gender.


It should make sense therefore that if you are looking for a project management job, that your resume contains the keywords "project management", "project manager" and any variations.


So prepare your resume with this in mind using common keywords for the types of KSAs you have to your credit. Use as many keywords as possible without being dishonest about your experience eg, if you are an accountant, you could put accountant, accounts manager, finance manager, financial manager etc. Weave these throughout your resume at appropriate places.


Ideally, visit several recruitment sites to see what headings they are using. One heading I see, for example, which is not commonly on resumes is, "Willingness to relocate." Once you've visited and recorded details, make your resume fit the headings you have seen at those sites.


When you've created your keywords and used headings worded the same as recruitment agents, file copies in MS Word in fully formatted mode and save a copy as a text (.TXT) file without formatting.


Submitting Your Resume

Now that you have your resume in several different file formats, it's time to submit them to as many sites as possible. Some sites will allow you to submit multiple resumes. Take up their offer. If you have three types of employment you could apply for, submit at least three resumes, each laden with keywords from the different types of employment.


In my case I am an educator, human resources specialist and Internet marketer. So, I'd submit one resume laden with human resources keywords, another with education keywords and another with Internet marketing keywords. Get the idea?


Finally ...

If possible, do some searches as though you were looking for a person with the same types of skills you have posted. See if anything comes up with your details. It won't be the end of the world if it doesn't, but it might be an interesting experiment.


Return periodically and update your resume with new keywords that describe the KSAs you have acquired since first submitting your resume.


Job hunting is like fishing, you need to cast a wide net. If you manage your resume submissions as I have stated, you will optimize your chances of winning the job you want by being found among a sea of resumes in a universe of databases.



Copyright 2006 Robin Henry | First published November 2006

Robin Henry is an educator, human resources specialist and Internet entrepreneur. He helps home-based businesses and individuals improve performance by applying smart technology and processes and developing personally. He runs his business Desert Wave Enterprises from his home base at Alice Springs in Central Australia, although at present he is on temporary assignment in the United Arab Emirates.

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