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Heading for the Sack?

Could you be Heading for the Sack?  Take our Quiz to Find Out


Do you hate your job? Are you dragging yourself into the office each morning? Do you feel like you are just going through the motions? And wish that you could be anywhere else?


Be careful if this sounds like you, you could be heading for the sack. Take our CareersCoach/She said quiz to find out if you are heading for the sack.


My Work Hours
a.I am the first to arrive and the last to leave
b.I am good at managing my time so don’t need to work excessive hours, however when necessary I work back
c.I am the last to arrive and the first to leave


Office Gossip
a.I make a point of never gossiping, I hate gossip because it causes so many negatives in the workplace
b.I am on top of everything that is happening in the personal lives of people in the office. People regularly come to me for information, which I am happy to share.
c.I love to gossip who doesn’t. But I try to keep my head down and mind my own business


Office Romance
a.I think that workplace flirting is harmless because it makes me want to look and do my best, so that I look good, which has got to be good for my career
b.I would never flirt with anyone at or associated with work for any reason
c.I have or would engage in a workplace relationship if the right opportunity arose


My Boss
a.What I think of my boss is of no consequence to my job. I follow their instructions and whenever possible add additional value. If I work really hard and deliver the right results I may end up being their boss.
b.I don’t always agree with what my boss says or does but when they do something that I like I give positive feedback. I am hoping this will make them a more compatible boss for me.
c.I can’t stand my boss, who is unprofessional, unorganized. I tell everyone who will listen that I cannot understand how he or she got the job.


a.I dress according to the dress code of the company because I believe that it is very important to fit in with my colleagues
b.I don’t know what the dress code is in my office. I think I dress appropriately because no-one has complained
c.I don’t like the way that people in my office dress. I am an individual and I dress my own way.


a.I have a positive attitude to my work and my employer
b.I try to remain positive even when I am having an off day
c.I am sick of my job and hate my employer


a.I meet all deadlines no matter what. If I ever did miss a deadline I would be afraid for my job
b.I do my best to meet all deadlines but occasionally miss the odd deadline
c.I believe that deadlines are made to be broken - they are only really an approximation of what is expected


a.I am a hardworking and committed team player who is always available to assist others with any tasks
b.I sometimes help team members but really I am quite busy with my own workload
c.I only do my own job so why should I do work that I am not directly responsible for or paid to do


What Your Answers Mean


Mostly A’s
You are a star! Even when you hate your job and wish that you could be elsewhere, where you shine. You are a true professional and your employer is lucky to have you on the team. Keep it up and your career is set to soar and when it does you can chose who you want to work for. If you are career focused then don’t let your positive attitude and corporate talents go to waste. Start managing your career by setting and working towards your goals. Make all the right moves and for you the sky is the limit.


Mostly B’s
You are hardworking and committed and hopefully your boss sees your value. Your employment could be a slight risk in certain work environments. Tip the scales in your favour by making a few small changes. Further develop your time management skills so that you get more done. Avoid any workplace time wasters. At the end of each day take some time to identify what you could do better or differently. Finally design a plan of action to allow you to further develop your relationship with your immediate manager and any key stakeholders within the organisation.


Mostly C’s
You are at high risk. To keep your job you need to start thinking of things from your boss’s perspective. If your boss sets certain work goals or targets you have to meet them. You need to understand your employer’s organisational culture and fit in with it. In the longer term if you are not happy with your current career situation take some time to plan what you want to do with your career. Once you know exactly what you want to do you can seek employment in a more suitable role or organisation. Contact a Career Coach for some advice. Remember you can do anything that you set your mind to do.


Lisa O’Brien is the Authur of e-booklets:
-Interview Coach
-Jobsearch Coach
-Goal Setting Coach

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