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Win the Job!

Win the Job!


1. Dress for success
Arrive at the office everyday looking immaculate and ready to handle any business situation. Understand the organisational dress code and abide by it. As a general rule you can’t lose by wearing a suit to the office.


2. Volunteer
You would be surprised how many people who have gotten promotions actually volunteered for them. In many cases they even can up with the concept and sold it to management. If you are super enthusiastic and have an idea that is going to either raise or save money for the organisation then it is going to be very hard for a manager to say no.


3. Sell, Sell, Sell, Yourself
Managers promote people who are valuable contributors to the organisation and who they can see will grow with the organisation. But don’t assume that your boss or teammates will know how much you are contributing to the team you have to take an active role in telling them. If you are not comfortable selling/promoting yourself then get comfortable because if you don’t you will keep missing out on opportunities.


4. Build a support network
Managers promote people who have respect and a valued profile within the organisation. Build a support network among your immediate team, management and other colleagues. Do this by being a team player and by supporting your Teammates.


5. Get yourself a mentor
A mentor is someone ideally within the organisation whom your respect and who has achieved a level of success. This person can help you in 2 ways, firstly because they have achieved success within your organisation they know how it is done. Secondly they can promote your skills and attributes within the organisation because they have a vested interest in your success.


6. Be a Star Performer
If your employer appreciates star performers then be one. Do your job to your very best. Always think about how your work fits in with organisational expectations. Consistently meet and exceed those expectations.


7. Identify what counts
Observe those people in your organisation who keep getting promoted. Do they have any qualities or skills in common, if so then these are valuable clues to what management values.


8. Talk to Management
Talk to management, tell them that you are ambitious and want to do your very best for the organisation. Ask them what you need to do to stand out and success within the organisation.


By Lisa O'Brien

Lisa O'Brien is the online Career Coach for Cosmpolitan Magazine Australia and runs CareersCoach. CareersCoach offer a range of online Career Coaching services and executive coaching services. Lisa is dedlicated to helping people to achive thier potential. To find out more click on

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